They took 12 points, and now they are confronted with the retention of points. Big problems for Bolton at the beginning of the new season. Having scored 11 points in the first six rounds, they go to the administration and lose 12 points, because President Ken Anderson could not reach a return agreement of 4.8 million euros.

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he team of champions held talks with the financial company BluMarbl late on Monday due to a possible deal that did not take place.

In the statement of Anderscon: “I am very disappointed that Stuart Wilson and Michael Henson from Blu Marble Capital Ltd. I decided to refuse to repay the debt, which was originally made through Sportshield and thus put the club in control. »

Bolton will be the first club in the football league, which will enter the administration in five years, the first since the standard penalty for the League of administration has increased from 10 to 12 points in 2015.

On the other hand, Phil Parkinson managed to avoid falling into the third league last season, and at the bottom of the table they will remain at the level of -1 point, when their fines are deducted.

All of these events have led us to look at the probability of losing Bolton from the league this season, which is much more likely, and we were glad to see this rate of 2.70 on Unibet Betting. But we believe that this coefficient will not be so long.

Bolton is currently in eighth position and is playing against the CRC on Saturday. Last season, Bolton avoided the flop, they had only two points more than the last three on the table, and this departure to the administration would have destroyed them this time.

This is a good chance for the team, which will receive -1 point at the beginning of the season, because after leaving it will be difficult to return to the administration.

This will be another tough season for Bolton, which we expect will fall into a lower rating this season.