This year, Portugal is again waiting for the same story. The key word in the title battle will be four teams, the three expected and the fourth favorite from the shadows. Of course, we are talking about the teams Porta, Benfice, Sporting and Brage, which reserved the first four places for themselves.


The first contender for the Portuguese title was again the team «Port», which also had to celebrate last season. For the past few years, Porto has been the absolute ruler of Portugal, and many years of success have guaranteed how the team works. The club, whose policy is based on buying young players who later sell for large sums, did the same this summer. Thus, the club got two younger bosses Eder Militao and Joao Pedro, who in the future may have to leave the club much more often, since this summer Perrera will go to Lithester and Dalot, who have signed up for United. Get to Porto!


Benfica entered this season as the second favorite of the title just behind the unobtrusive Port, which is the current champion. Note that the Benfica team is the most expensive in the league, but several people from the club convinced the players not to consider them as favorites of the main title. The club left three very important midfielders Carvalho, Sistante and Hotou on this show, and the Brazilian Gabriel from Leganes arrived as a substitute for them. Bet on Benfica!


The third strongest club in Portugal is currently Sporting. And according to our objective opinion, but also according to the bookmaker. Sporting finished last season in third place, and this should be this year, although the club announced the title of the title. For this reason, some successes have been achieved in the clan, which deserve mention of the arrival of Rafin, the right-wing boss Gaspard and those returning to Europe, as well as the great reinforcement of Nemanja Gudel. From selling the club to the best, but also inevitable was the sale of Carvalho, who signed up for Betis. Bet on Sporting!


The so-called “big quarter” in Portugal closes Braga, which in the past few years has been the only true competitor to Porto, Benfica and Sporting. They finished last season in 4th position, and this season they are much more. Despite the fact that the club left two important wheels from the middle of the field, Danilo and Nikola Vukchevich, the young coach Abel Ferreira will try to get the most out of the existing squad. The team did not buy much; decent transfers were made by Bruno Vianne from Olympiacos and an experienced teammate Claudemir. Get on brag!


The strongest and most controversial team in the rest of the league is definitely the Guimaras team. Guimarais is a stable team with frequent excursions in European competitions, but also a team that cannot compete for large areas regardless of quality. Their goal this season is to go to Europe, and it will be much more difficult than last year, because they had to sell their best players. The sale of Raphinhe Sporting and Konan in Reims is particularly emphasized. As a replacement for Rafan, the left wing of the striker Davidson and Guedes came to the club. This is on Vitoria Gimares!


One very interesting team that I often received in the early seasons, and this year the biggest teams in the league will be very awkward. The buy-sell team did the same this summer. They were forced to sell the best club player Paulina in Porto, but the money for the sale did not use the strengths as in the past, but strengthened the team with the players who signed the contract. Get ready for Portimonense!


Maritimo is a team that has been constantly in the championship for many years, and this is a very tough team, especially in the domestic field. Last season ended in seventh position, and this year the club’s ambitions are to take a place in Europe. That is why the backs of the club kept together and united with the famous midfielder, who became famous in Zenit Danny, who would greatly help the team with his experience and quality. Get married to Maritimo!


Chavez was a pleasant surprise last season when he was out of reach for the Europa League qualification. The same ambitions will be in this season, but it is worth noting that the team was pushed by Davidson, who signed up for Vitoria Guimares. Of the arrivals to the club, mention should be made of the arrival of the Portuguese left back from Granada, Louise Martin, which will be a huge push, and instead of Davidson Ghazaryan, the representative of Armenia will arrive. Get on Chaves!


Moreirens team barely kept the lead last season, and only two points separated them from the lowest rating. The team, which is almost every year famous for throwing talents that end up in big clubs from Portugal, and this is exactly what happened this summer when Benfica sold his teammates Alfa Semeda and pulled several quality footballers out of their money. Forward David Teixeira, who came from AEL, will be a great help for this team, and the same goes for winger Rodriguez, who came from Australian Newcastle. Bet on Moreirense!


The Rio Avea team exceeded their expectations last season and finished in fifth place and thus won the qualifying matches for the Evrps League. The team that played excellent football last year was not the name to resist millions, so the best player Pele left Portugal and went to Monaco, and João Navis stayed in Portugal, but went to Brag. Upon arrival, you must make a purchase of defender Buatu and get a loan from the forward Port of Galen. Get on Rio Avenue!


Last year, Tondela was one of the main favorites to break out of the league, but still managed to finish in 11th place, and this placement will be their goal this season. As for the transfer or departure from the club for this performance, it will take a little luck and good luck, because the club left the best defender of the player Jordan Osorio, who went to Porto. The club was based on the withdrawal of the player from the contract, but it is not worth mentioning any reinforcements. He gets on Tondel!


Last year, the Belensentsy team managed to survive in the company of the best finishing championships in 12th position and leave their best goal in society this season. These seasons will be much more difficult for them, because the club left Brazilian Moridez, the best scorer of the last season, who signed for CSKA from Sofia. In his equi, before the start of this season, he brought several players who have expired contracts, and it is worth pointing out the arrival of the right or left boss Sagna and Bergdich. Betting on Belenensic!


Setubal’s team last season missed a lower rank because they only had two points more than the leader in the other league. If they did not repeat the same fate as last year, the team decided to keep up with the club, and the current players joined several experienced and long-term players who signed a contract with their clubs. Thus, Rubin Michael and Mano’s right hand arrived in Setubal. Bet on Setubal!


Boavista is one of the most famous clubs in Portugal, which has survived a major crisis in the last decade, from which it has not yet emerged. Last season was a bit more successful than the final, and they managed to finish the season at the top of the table, and they probably won’t mind the same success this year. An excellent defender Rossi came out of the club, who signed up for Zion, but it is also worth mentioning the arrival of central defender Rafael Silva, who will represent an adequate replacement for Rossi. Bets on Boavist!


The CD Feirense will fight for survival this season, as it did last year. They stumbled to the last race, but ended up in the league with one point above the spot, which led to a lower level. These seasons will be even more difficult, because the best midfielder Etebo, who subscribed to Stoke City English, left the team. The club brought together several experienced and experienced players, of whom Vitor Brunet’s left wing stands out and experienced and famous striker Edinho. It feeds on Feirense!


The team that fought in the league until the last chase for survival, but the team that won the Portuguese Cup, winning in the final, preferred “Benfica”. It is unlikely that this success will ever happen again, they are also aware of the club, and this season there is a difficult struggle for survival. The team did not trade a lot, the back of the team remained in the club, and it is worth mentioning the appearance of a central defender with a rich European experience, Marokank Issam El Adu. Get on Desportivo Aves!


A team that is new to the league, and this will be only the fourth season in an elite society. The team does not have a huge amount of experience playing at the highest level, and now they are nominated as the main candidate for the team to leave the league. The club’s ambitions remain in the league, the council has worked diligently, and the club has some experienced and proven players, but it’s hard to expect that to be enough. It is worth noting the arrival of the right Ukrainian defender Cardos, who came from the Rangers. It ends in Santa Clara!


Nacional was clearly retired in the top of the company after he unexpectedly dropped out of the league after 14 years of success in the company of the best. The manager of this club is Kostinia, and the board of directors will do everything to restore Stadia first. There is not enough money, he shows several sound programs that deserve mention of the arrival of the boss Alexander Paichevich and the winged footballer Kenji Gorre, who came from Swansea. Ricardo Gomez, who signed up for Partizan, left the club. Runs on Nacional!