NFL NFL 2018/2019

Autumn is coming, and with it comes the new NFL season. On Thursday evening, starting on Thursday, the 99th NFL season begins on the Lincoln Financial Field to open the Super Bowl of the Philadelphia Eagles against the Atlantic Falcon. With the Super Bowl match in Minnesota, where the eagles celebrated the New England Patriot, seven months have passed for all American football fans and too much, but the suffering has ended and football is finally returning.

NFL 2018 2019

Recall the best moments of the past season:

What awaits us this season?


Like several previous seasons this season, the first favorite to win the Super Bowl will be the New England Patriots. Players come and go, but it is important that Axis Belichik — Brady is solid. Tom Brady successfully manages the battle against aging for the 41st time and has chosen NFL Networka as the best player in traditional elections.

Since the favorite to go to the end, it is logical that the patriots are the main favorites in the conquest of their divisions. In a weak AFC, “Eastern Patriots” persuade favorites to win the title and 10th place in a row. Buffalo Bills’s playoff team last season is coming this summer as a full-fledged outsider, and the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins can have a cool season. If there are good cards, one of these teams will repeat the success story of Bill last season.


Much more interesting should follow the division of this unit. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Division for the second year in a row and the third in the last four years. An incredibly talented midfielder with Ben Retlisberger, LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown is again a team that must be taken into account in a narrow circle of favorites to win the Super Bowl. The defense will try to compensate for the absence of Ryan Chazier, a midfielder who, after this injury, even questioned his career.

Baltimore Ravens looks like a team that can fight for the division winner. The board was «scolded» by Joe Flacca and prepared a competition in the form of Lamar Jackson. Flacco was often criticized, the past season was not a problem, but he had problems with injuries. A healthy Flacco with good additions to the catchers position and the “hungry” newcomer QB on the bench should be a good season for the Baltimore team.

Cincinnati Bengals spent the forgetfulness season last season and hoped they would be more competitive this year. They exploded in the offensive line, which was released last year, so QB Andy Dalton was demolished 39 times. There was no game around the country, and if these two things matter, it will look much better.

The Cleveland Browns team, which has been rebuilt for many years, is beginning to take shape as a team. Something like the NBA’s “Process” of the 76s, Browns in the NFL. This is still far from a team that can dream of a playoff, but there are prospects for progress compared with the disasters of the past season, which ended without any victory.


This is one of the most fair units. Jacksonville Jaguars became favorites for victory in the new division. The team that was on the verge of entering the last Super Bowl is still of very high quality, especially in defense, where they are the best team in the league. The challenge for this team is still an unpersuasive attack, directed by Blake Bortles. The question is how the team will play a new favorite role, because the teams of this season will have a special motivation to play against one of the best teams of the last season.

As another favorite, there is also the Tennese Titans playoff team last season. This season, the Nashville team must show that they not only used the bidding for the injury of Division rivals (Colts and Texans). The key will be from QB Marcus Mariota, who can play much better than they did last season.

Indianpolis Colts played last season without their best QB player Andrew Lutsk. Peyton Manning’s successor does not come into the Colts shirt, but they hope the club that their luck with good luck is their age. The team is not too talented, luck will bring a big leap in quality, but it seems that this team is a second step weaker than the other three rivals of the division.

A team of Texans from Houston can say that they are the least fortunate last season. Jay Watt had only four games until he got injured and missed the rest of the season. “Smelly” Brock Osweiler in the QB position was replaced by newcomer Deshon Watson, but he was injured in the seventh game and played unrealistically well. With these two players in the list, the team has become much stronger and ready to fight for the title of the southern division of the AFC.


The LA Chargers team is actively participating in this division as a real winner. Only crazy accidents at the beginning of the season cost them the playoffs. The chargers started their season at 0-4, and the matches were played on what looked like regular work in the NFL, and they were field goals. Starting with nightmares, they started to play great, but the other shorts for the playoffs were 9-7. They asked about the kicker, got used to the new stadium, and this is the team that should be in the playoffs.

The playoff team last season, Kansas City promised more than it showed. They lost the game in a wildcard on the inside field from Titan and thanked QB for Alex Smith. Last year’s newcomer Patrick Magomes will become the leader of the attack, and experienced coach Andy Reid will hope that this decision will not come to his mind and that the leaders will play the playoffs.

The Denver Broncos had a great defense team for many years, but he lacked a quality solution in the attack. Leaving Peyton Manning from the Denver Broncos, there was a hole that could not disappear. This year it seems that they are on the move because Case Keenum arrived, who started as a reserve last season and then used the proposed Minnesota Viking to reach the final of the conference. Bronze is stronger than last season, and maybe they can even play in the playoffs.

Oakland Raiders made an interesting move, and Jon Gruden conducted training work for 10 years. He got a lot of time from Gruden and showed it a few days ago when he exchanged the best defender Khalil Mack for the Bears. Gruden will create a team for the future, and it looks like the outcome of this season will not be decisive. There are several interesting players, and Oakland is not lucky, but it’s hard to see the playoffs.


This division is best to start with the winner of the Minnesota Viking season. Summer work definitely comes to Kirk Cousins ​​for $ 84 million over 3 years. The case of Kinum was good, but the Vikings hope that the cousins ​​are “elite enough” to bring the team to the desired Super Bowl. Protection is much better than the team led by Xavier Rhodes in the field and head coach Mike Zimmer, who is a real defensive guru.

Green Bay Packers hope to get enough quality to regain the NFC Northa Lambeu Field title. Aaron Rogers joins the new season healthy, and if the offensive line succeeds in saving new injuries, Packers can blow up the rivals of Minnesota. Since the attack is related to super ironia with Rogers, the problem for “packers” is that the defense does not work better, but all this should be enough to be placed in the playoffs.

This summer there was a lot of interest, but the appearance of Khalil Mack in «Bears» overshadowed everything. The Chicago Bears for a long time did not have such an elite defender, and this will bring progress in defense, which is the trademark of Chicago Bears. In the attack, they are taught on Trubitskaya, which should «float» in the system of coach Matt Grand. Of course, you also have to watch Jordan Howard run off nicely.

And the Detroit Lions will be in the new season with a new coach. Matt Patricia, the former New England Patriots defense coordinator, will try to get Detroit Lyons back to the playoffs. Progress in defense should be noticeable, but it is imperative how much Matthew Stafford can lead the attack. Last season, the playoffs were pulled from the belly, this year the competition in the division is even tougher, and Lviv will be even harder.


Rams after a great season with great pampering enter into the new. The young and talented team was delighted with the great game of the public. Todd Gurley on the ground and Jared Goff in the air were a mystery to protect the enemy and a recipe for ending a long playoff. Aaron Donald, the main defender, signed a new contract, adding to the defense with the arrival of Suha and all points in another successful season. The rivals are not of very high quality and the Rames are convincing favorites to win the division.

The San Francisco 49ers is a team that may have made this race somewhat interesting. Jimmy Garoppolo played in the last five games of the regular season and “bought” fans and club leaders, so Jimmy J signed a six-year contract worth $ 137 million. The defense should be stronger for Richard Sherman, but the question is how much “fuel” is left in him after a tire injury that he missed most of the 2017 season.

Seattle Seahawks for the first time since 2011 missed the playoffs. Pete Carroll was unlucky, and they came out of the playoffs, despite a solid 9-7. This season they are significantly weakened, especially in the defensive part. The attack is solely on the inspiration of Russell Wilson, and it will be even more noticeable this year, because Wilson was left without the great catcher Graham. Before the Seahawks season, they do not act as a playoff team.

The strongest team in Arizona Cardinal is Patrick Peterson defender in quarterback. Chandler Jones with 17 demolitions of the lingering quarterback was held last season, and former Panthers defense coordinator Steve Wilks took the place. Sam Bretford is the new QB team and hopes that he will be able to make the whole season healthy. The correct reinforcement is the return of David Johnson, who was injured from the start of the season last season. Cards will be strong this season.


The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, and in the new season she becomes the favorite to win this division. Carson Wentz is being questioned at the opening of the season, but must take on Nick Foll’s rehearsal during the season. The essence of the team is still not the same, but the question is how the Eagles will fight with an epithet of favorites, because they played throughout the last year in the playoffs with the label of outsiders.

The New York giants, at least, had an interesting last season. Odella Beckham Junior’s injury At the same time, Manning looked completely lost in the attack in New York, and the McAdoo coach lost the team’s strengths. In the new season, they will enter with another party on the draft of the Barkley probe, Manning will have a healthy and happy Beckham, who has become the most expensive league catcher. Last season’s black spotlight, of course, is the end of Engram. New coach Pat Shurmur can return the team to consideration in the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys with lower expectations are coming this season. The problem is in the offensive line, which is weakened by the injuries of Frederick and Martina. QB Duck Prescott was left without any important players in Witten and Briante. The good news is that there will be no doubt that Ezekiel Elliot missed the suspension last year, and the Cowboys looked bad. Can new faces replace old ones, but the Eagles and Giants are in front of Dallas.

The Washington Redskins have a similar situation. The main change, of course, in the position of the quarterback. Kirk Cousins ​​was replaced by the often contested Alex Smith. The club hopes that this is a person who can rediscover the transition from mediocrity. Washington finished with eight wins over the past three seasons. They hoped that the attack would be made by a duet Smith and rookie Derrius Geis, but he would miss the whole season due to injury. «Outside» is Adrian Peterson’s redskins, but the question is how many times an icon of this sport can be.


Atlanta Falcons is entering this season to enter the Super Bowl, which will be played in the upper stadium. Although they had a ratio of 10-6 Sokolons, they left the impression of a team that could provide more. Often the contested defense played very well, while the attack on Ryan did not look the same as in 2016, when they reached the Super Bowl. The defense of last season remained, and the attack returned to the level of 2016, which knows that Falcons will probably become the first team to play in the Super Bowl in the domestic field.

The New Orleans Saints played a very good season last year. The focus of attention was the rookie of the repertoire, Alvin Chember, who made 1,500 yards and 13 touchdowns. Drew Brice had a great season and got Merdate and Watson in captivity, which would be an additional weapon and basis for a new successful season for the Saints, who should be back in the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers lost a lot of Saints in a wild card game last season. This season they are part of a team that can go to the playoffs, but can stay away. Protection is the carrier of this team, but in the season they meet many unknown in the attack. Cam Newton is thin with talents in exciting poses, so fans hope that rookie Moore will be in the position of a catcher.

Tampa Bay Buccaners lags behind rivals in NFC South. It will not be easy for them, since the first three games will be without a start-up by James Winston, who was suspended. The team imposed a lot of expectations last season and ended 5-11. There were no significant changes in the team, so we can expect the same result as last year.