According to British media reports, Chelsea leaders are ready to offer a new contract to one of the largest stars of David Louis, and they also decided to bring Maurizio Sarriu into the winter transfer window.

Chelsea sprema ponudu za Ruganija

Although after playing for Chelsea at Saint-Germain in Paris in 2014, he played an important role in the team, David Louis had a difficult time in the past two seasons when he was not in former coach Antonia Contee.

The representative of Brazil himself admitted that he would leave Stamford Bridge so that Conte stayed at the club, but this did not happen. He was replaced by his compatriot Maurizio Sarri, under whose leadership Louis again became one of the most important players in the team. The 31-year-old has played in all seven games of the Premier League this season and has played a major role in a large number of unpopularities over the past two months.

As the Evening Standard says, Chelsea leaders will offer him a new contract, as suggested by Surry, since the current contract stands out at the end of the season. In addition, they are also ready to bring in a new central defender in the winter transition period, since Gary Cahill is likely to leave the club because he is not happy with the deadlines. «Floats» were associated with the arrival of Juventus defender Daniel Rugani, with whom Maurizio had already worked in his career and is expected to try to bring him in January.

In an interview after the derby for the seventh league of Liverpool, which ended with the score 1: 1, Louis said he would be more than happy to sign a new contract with the club and have a great relationship with Surry. He said: “I spoke to him a few days after his arrival. I told him that I would work hard and show him that I wanted to play. I had two offers, but I decided to stay. I would probably leave Conte. I play regularly and enjoy it.»