Coach Tottenham Hotspur Mauricio Pochettino at a press conference before the next round of the Champions League group stage of the second round told how he plans to stop Lionel Messi.

Pochettino otkrio kako planira zaustaviti Messija

In the first round, the Spurs lost to Inter, the score was 1-2, and they needed Wembley points, slumbering against the Spanish champions.

However, the big problem with Pochettina will be the possible absence of several stars, including Christian Eriksen, Del Alli and Jan Vertongenu. On the other hand, Barca will not have Samuela Umtiti, who received a red card in the first game against PSV, while the speech of Sergei Roberta is a sign of the question.

Although he has not scored in the last two games, Messi still has eight goals and five assists in nine matches in all competitions this season. When asked by a journalist when he plans to stop his compatriot tomorrow at Wembley, Pochettino replied: “It is clear that we should be with him every time he gets the ball. If we leave the space, it will be removed from its guard. Tomorrow we will need teamwork. »

Tottenham surpassed all of last season when he won four points in two games against Real Madrid, who won his third title in a row at the European Championships at the end of the season in the group stage of the most elite European competition. However, Pochettino abandoned the Real Madrid match with tomorrow’s Barcelona team. He said: “At the present time everything is different. Many of our players played at the World Championships, and the match against Real Madrid was for many the most important in their careers. Then they played at the World Championships and now it’s not as easy to motivate as they did a year ago. The main thing is tomorrow’s match with the best player in the world. ”