After the phenomenal game in Manchester against the city team, Lion will meet with the Ukrainian Shakhtar in the second round at their stadium. Can Lion repeat the game two weeks ago, or will Shakhtar achieve the first victory in the competition.


Lyon in the first round sensationally celebrated against the Manchester City team and thus, together with the citizens, indicated the advancement of this group. It is difficult to expect that the City will win again with Etihad with this victory and, of course, with positive results against Hoffenheim and Shakhtar, the placement in the next stage should not be questioned. Lyon has recently been in great shape, but already 5 games are not aware of the defeat, and they showed off with an attacking arsenal, scoring 12 goals in these matches.

The attack of the team is the strongest link between the team and what would be wrong if they played such names as Fekir, Depay, Dembele, Traorea in the attack …


610/5000 After the defeat of the City in the first round in this group a lot of things began to turn. Hoffenheim and Shakhtar will have to look for victory in the fight, and they will need to score at least 3 points from the team of Lyon, of course, if we calculate the defeat from City in advance. Each visit to Lyon is difficult, especially now that the French have the opportunity to score 6 points in sixth place in the first position. Ukrainians were first defeated in the first round by the Hoffenheim team, and now it is clear that they will not repeat the success of last season, when they celebrated in all the matches in their field, which eventually led to the final.


LION: Lopez, Mendy, Denair, Marcelo, Raphael, Tusar, N’Dombele, Traore, Fekir, Aouar, Depay

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Butkov, Ordets, Rakitskiy, Ismaili, Patritsk, Stepanenko, Bolbat, Tyson, Marlos, Moraes


Lyon in a series of 5 games without defeat in all competitions and in the final round against Nantes rested three standard champions Raphael, Dener, N’Dombleya, which makes us realize that in Lyon they know how dangerous the Ukrainians are. The coach of Lyon in the match with Shakhtar must be very careful, because kicking in this fight will annoy the victory in the first round against the City. Thus, the protective part of the team will be restless and ready to meet the requirements of the trainer Brunei-Genesis. The attack team in this match should be Traore, Fekir, Aurar and Depay. The Dutchman is in a fake nineteenth position, and due to his frequent return to the middle, Lyon seems to be playing with five in midfield.

It was also the idea of ​​the trainer Genesia, that when they attacked all four attacking players, they were equally threatened because of their quick transition, it was easy to start. The victory of Lyon, if they have their day, should not be questioned.