Bookmaker Zenith


  • Best painting
  • Tote
  • Odds above line original


  • Troubled reputation
  • Limited sports choice
  • No TV broadcasts, infographics



TOP 5 (England, Germany, Italy, Spain, France) + Russia (RPL): margin on outcome, total and odds — 5-5.5%. The coefficients for the rest of the countries can be distinguished in two ranges of margin prices for outcomes: medium leagues (FNL, Benelux, second leagues of the main countries) — outcomes of 7-7.5%, total and odds — 5-5.5%; the remaining championships — the outcome of 9.5% or more, total and odds — 7-7.5%.


NHL and KHL: margin on all markets — 5-5.5%. At the same time, for KHL matches, the margin may be lower, at the level of 3%. The remaining leagues: the outcome (regular time) –7%, the outcome (including overtime and shootouts) — 5.5%, the odds and total — 5.5%.


Lower margin per line with overtime of 5-5.5%. On the line for the main time margin — 7%. Margin on total and odds — 5-5.5%. Equal odds 1.9-1.9. The margin is uniform and, as a rule, does not depend on the country of the championship.


Unified tennis margin 5-5.5%.


To gain access to the line, you must log in to the site, otherwise viewing is impossible. The BC Zenit line is a clone from the line of the popular in the Russian Federation of the betting brand BETCITY, sometimes with a slight refinement of its own analytical department. The line is limited by sports, but has a great depth and elaboration of each event. Disadvantage — the line on eSports, special bets on events from political life, media and culture is not practiced. The quality of the painting is a leading product. Painting on basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, biathlon — out of competition. Note the variability of the line on the proposal for total and odds, as well as the possibility of buying to the base values. At the same time, such a variable painting is typical for all sports in the line, which is a strong additional trump card. In addition to the standard rates, for most matches they provide a number of additional markets and a rich list of statistics, which creates conditions for the game of specialized players.


The football line additionally includes markets for penalties, deletions, authorship goals. The disadvantages include the almost complete absence of bets on violations — yellow cards.


The tennis line is detailed and makes it possible to place bets on almost all current tournaments, including the smallest Futures and Challengers tournaments. Standard tennis painting — the outcome, total and odds for the games in the match, the exact score of the match. In the WTA and ATP tournaments, additional markets are given in the list, detailing the first set, possible scenarios of the game and a number of markets for statistics, the number of markets can exceed 50.


The painting on basketball is overly variable in total and handicap, there are a lot of markets for statistics and individual indicators of players, a detailed list of every quarter of the match. For top-level matches, the number of markets for bets can far exceed 100 or more markets. The strongest side of the painting is the ability to buy points in handicap or total, see the drop-down menu of the corresponding painting. Such a purchase offer is typical for matches of various levels.


The line is full in scope. The list for top-level matches is detailed, there are many markets for statistics and individual players’ indicators, a detailed list of each period.


Unlike Prematch, the Live line is not a clone of the BETCITY line. The line is wide and includes most current sporting events. However, inferior as the filling leaders in the segment Live.

The painting is noticeably limited in betting options. At the same time, the most standard versions of Live mural for game scenarios are available to the player. As a rule, there are no statistics bets. Of the positive features, we note the opportunity to bet on the result on the segments of the game time of the match, the choice of an additional total or handicap.

In basketball — a line with an individual team total for quarters. In tennis — the opportunity to bet on the exact score (40:40, 30:30 …) in a game, winning a game, winning a point in a game and some other typical game situations.

In line for live betting odds with a margin of 7.5 — 11%.

The rate of acceptance of the bet is not satisfactory and it is noticeably longer than many bookmakers.

Informational support of the Live event is completely absent — there are no TV broadcasts or infographics. Only give the current score in the match and time.


The brand BC Zenit is the oldest bookmaker in Kazakhstan, which began its work in 1998. The company is represented in the markets of the CIS countries, including Russia, where it is licensed as a land bookmaker (225 faculty members in 71 cities of the Russian Federation) and is a member of the SRO.

BC Zenit does not have a separate service for Kazakhstani players. The site for receiving bets on the Internet has not been changing for many years now, ignoring current trends and technical solutions.

The international operation is carried out, according to own information from BC Zenith, by a company from Montenegro Euromirbet D.O.O. based on certificate No. 0030 from E-Gambling Montenegro d.o.o. (regulator). The reliability of such information calls into question the notice from the regulator that the licensing relationship with the company has been terminated.

Online BC Zenit has one of the worst reputations, which is caused by the practice of locking money for a period of 2 months or more, long delays in payments to players, and excessive requirements for verification. But at the same time the number of people wishing to bet in the BC Zenit players does not decrease.

In Kazakhstan, ground operations are carried out under a valid license dated July 10, 2008 No. 0000013, issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Tourism Industry Committee.

Legal data: Limited Liability Company «BC Zenit KZ»,

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, st. Zhansugurov, 260V. BIN 080240012547.


The start page offers several registration options. You can go through the standard registration by clicking on the «registration» section to the right of the login and password windows. There is also the second option — pass the quick registration, the button «quick registration» is brown and is located in the upper right part of the start page.
thumb_5940dfe35cde7_1497423843.jpgConsider the first option. First, click on the button «registration».thumb_5940e07b079b9_1497423995.jpg

Carefully fill in all the requested data. The password is better to come up with a complex one (with numbers and letters) to protect your account operations, but at the same time so that it can be remembered. Of course, it is also better to record your password for convenience. After that, you will receive a link to your e-mail address, which you will need to click on to confirm your e-mail or enter the code specified in the letter manually.

If you start with a quick registration offer, then after clicking on the “quick registration” section you will see a window with a simple form to fill out.


Where it is enough to specify the phone, currency and put a tick in the box «I am not a robot» captcha. Next to the specified number will come sms with login and temporary password.

After that you can return to the start page and fill in the login and password windows for authorization on the bookmaker’s website.

However, for a full-fledged game, deposit and withdrawal of money, you still need to complete a full registration, the system will remind you immediately after authorization.

There will be all the same lines for filling as for standard registration. It is worth noting that instead of a temporary password, you will need to create your own password and confirm your choice by re-entering this password in the next line. We also indicate your favorite club and best friend, which may be necessary for your identification in a situation when you forget your password and cannot access your account. After filling out the entire form, do not forget to put a tick at the end that you are familiar with the rules and conditions for calculating rates, before clicking the «complete registration» button.
Important! When registering, you should enter only your real personal data, then to avoid problems with the withdrawal of funds!
Next, the system notifies of the successful registration and asks to complete the registration procedure by confirming the e-mail. A link will be sent to the e-mail you provided, which will need to be followed to confirm your e-mail.


We pass authorization on the site, on the top panel we see the tab “Deposit money”. At the moment, Zenitbet offers several ways to deposit funds: in cash (Qiwi, Telepay), as well as through the Internet payment system (bank card of VISA and MasterCard systems and webmoney).


In order to start choosing a bet in the left menu, select the sport you are interested in. After that, your attention will be the whole choice of tournaments in various sports.
Note! The live betting section is located in the menu on the left: below the section where sports available for betting are listed.
By ticking choose the competitions we need. For your own convenience, you can tick the choice of the type or sports on the top panel of the loaded page.
After the final selection of tournaments, click the «Download» button in the upper right of the screen. After that, the page will be loaded with events of interest to us.
To make a bet, you need to choose an interesting outcome for you and click on it. Then a small window with your bet will open on the left.

In the window with your forecast, you specify the size of the bet, immediately under the specified amount you can see the amount of potential winnings, taking into account the size of your bet, as well as get information about the maximum amount of the bet on the event you have chosen.

Below is the active button «Make a bet», by clicking on which you confirm your choice and finalize your bet.

You can keep track of your bets and all cash transactions in the “Account History” section, which is located on the top panel of the page.


How to withdraw money from the site of BC «ZENIT»

In order to send a request for a withdrawal to the bookmaker, on the top panel of the page click on the “Payment” tab. Then choose the desired amount for payment and method. At the moment, the site offers a choice of two payment methods:

  1. To a bank card
  2. WebMoney wallet


Note! It is possible to request withdrawal of funds in the same payment system through which crediting was made.

Then follow the standard procedure, following the instructions on the website of the bookmaker office.