Bookmaker WindJammer


According to the general level of coefficients, BC WindJammer should be attributed to bookmakers with average coefficients. In this case, the margin of the bookmaker may decrease with the approach to the start of the match. Curve quotes and line errors are not rare.


The margin of BC WindJammer margin is practically independent of the market — the outcome, total and odds. At the same time, for 5 leading European championships (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) + RFPL, the margin level is 5 — 5.5%. The remaining championships — 7-8%. For additional painting average level of 6-7%.


NHL: the outcome of the main time — 2-2.5%, the outcome, taking into account overtime and shootouts — 3%, handicap and total — 5 5.5%.

Euro Hockey, VHL, MHL: outcome, total, handicap — 5.5%. The remaining leagues: the outcome of the main time — 7-7.5%, the outcome, taking into account overtime and shootouts — 5.5%, the main handicap and total — 5.5%.


NBA: the outcome in the main time — 7.5%, the outcome with overtime — 2.8-3%. Draws attention to unprofitable prices for odds and total — from 5.5 to 7%. equal odds 1.9-1.9 or 1.95-1.95. European cups and top national championships: the outcome in the main time — 9-10%, the outcome with overtime — as well as the odds and total — from 3.5% to 5.5%. equal odds 1.9-1.9. For the remaining basketball leagues, there are coefficients with a margin price of about outcomes of 9-10%, handicap and total — 7%. Equal odds 1.87-1.87.


Unified tennis margin 5-5.5%.


In the line of BC WindJammer presents the main sports, without exotics — on average, up to 15 sports. That somewhat limits the choice of the player. Note the presence in the line of bets on eSports. No sweepstakes.

The geography of the country championships presented in the line, as well as the depth — a good level. At the same time, there is a noticeable deficit in coverage of junior and youth competitions. No long-term rates. The painting in most cases is of good quality.


An exact score, a double chance, a scoring draw, both will score, who will score, variable total and handicap, variable individual total, goal time, minute of goal, total total of minutes of which goals are scored, how the goal will be scored, win and not miss, willful victory , half-time performance, goals in both halves, score in both halves, win in both halves, draw in half, draw in both halves, both halves total over / under goals, goal corridors, win and total, exact difference, score goal and win , own goal, hat-trick, double, removal, penalty, auto GUSTs goals (modestly). They paint both the match as a whole and the time separately, the shortcomings include the almost complete absence of bets on yellow cards, corner cards.


Exact score, will win the match, losing the first set, set / match, variable total of the match and the odds, options for the total of the first set, the outcome in the match and in the set.


Medium quality painting. The list gives a limited opportunity to buy additional points in both directions (up to 4 options in each direction) for the odds and total, team total (up to 3 options), outcomes and total for quarters and half of the match, limited by 3-4 positions player performance for NBA matches .


A wide and variable list for NHL and KHL matches: the ability to buy by total and handicap, the exact number of pucks in the match and the exact difference, the painting for each period, the rates for comparing the performance of periods, player statistics (goal + pass), etc. Good variability is characteristic not only for top level matches, but also for less significant tournaments (except for player bets).


Live line is a good average number of events. At the same time, the painting itself looks often modest, if we are not talking about a match from the top championship: the outcome, several options for the total and the odds, who will score the next goal, will win and the total will win and both will score, the exact score. The painting may be shorter. The offer for popular matches is expanded to include various totals and odds, individual total, comparison of the effectiveness of the periods, rates on the statistics — whether there will be a penalty or deletion, angular.

Infographics and TV broadcast missing.



Bookmaker WindJammer provides a bonus to new players of their site, joined the group of the bookmaker in VKontakte. To receive the bonus, you need to write a message to the administrators of the group, in which to report your account number. Bonus in the amount of 1 000 tenge will be credited within 2 days from the moment of appeal.

The bonus for new players is charged only if the data of the account holder (last name, first name, middle name) coincides with the data of the VK user who sent the application.

In order to qualify for withdrawal of bonus funds, you must make at least 3 bets on the full amount of the bonus with a coefficient not lower than 1.5. In the case of placing bets like “express” or “system”, the coefficient of at least one event must be at least 1.5. When withdrawing funds, the bookmaker may request identification documents.


Bookmaker WindJammer is a promising bookmaker brand in the betting market of Kazakhstan. It belongs to the same name LLP «BOOKMAKER OFFICE» WINDJAMMER «, registered in 2012 in Pavlodar. According to the company, the bookmaker Windjammer has been operating since 2007.

The operation is carried out under the license BK-01 from 01/06/2012, issued by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Sports and Physical Culture. Under this license, there are about 30 PPP cash offices in the cities of Pavlodar, Karaganda, Semey, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Ekibastuz.

Legal data: «BOOKMAKER’S OFFICE» WINDJAMMER «, BIN 120440013238; 140008, Pavlodar, Volodarsky str. 256, tel. 34-35-11,

You can also leave a complaint about the work of the bookmaker WindJammer on our website. She will definitely be considered.


On the WindJammer website, the green “Registration” button is immediately visible — it is located on the top right of the page.

Registration on the WindDjammer website is possible in two ways, and both are elementary:

  1. You can log in to the site using your account on any social network;
  2. You can enter an email address, create a password, enter your first and last name and select the currency of your game account (KZT, RUB, UZS, UAH, USD, EUR).

Registration form Please note that registration on the bookmaker’s site signifies your acceptance of its Rules (a link to the Rules is in the registration window). We recommend to familiarize yourself with this document in order to avoid problems with the payment of winnings in the future.

After filling in the required fields and clicking on the «Register» button, a window appears asking you to check your email and confirm the registration on the bookmaker’s website.

Almost immediately an email with a link to activate the game account comes to the specified email. We follow the link in the letter — the account is activated, and you are already logged in to the site!

Account activated


После авторизации на сайте все данные Личного кабинета отображаются в правой верхней части страницы. Следующий шаг после регистрации — пополнение игрового счета. Для этого необходимо нажать кнопку «Пополнить».

Букмекерская контора «Винд Джаммер» в Казахстане предлагает несколько инструментов для пополнения счета:

  • — electronic wallet in the payment system QIWI;
  • — bank card Visa/MasretCard;
  • — e-wallet in the Yandex.Money payment system;
  • — payment terminal «Cashier 24»;
  • — any item for accepting bets of the «Wind Jammer» bookmaker in Kazakhstan.


Ways to recharge

Account activated

Choose the most convenient method of replenishment. If this is an electronic transfer, we enter in the special window the amount with which we want to replenish the account, and then go through the standard payment procedure on the Internet.

The account is replenished, you can start the game!


In the short line of the horizontal menu for selecting bets there are two sections: “Line” (bets in the “prematch” mode, ie, bets on events that have not yet begun); and «Live» (bets during the match, that is, bets on events that are already underway right now).

Sections «Line» and «Live» in the menu

When you open any of these sections in the center of the screen displays the most popular events. If your event requires another event, use the left menu.

In the left menu, select the desired sport and country — in the central part of the page this will open all the tournaments taking place (or planned) in this sport and in this country / part of the world.

Line tournament selection

To see the list of matches in the selected tournament, you just need to click on its name. A click on the tournament name will reveal the entire list of matches in it. To view a detailed painting, next to the name of the selected event, click on the word “More”.

Note! Some bets on the Wind Jammer bookmaker line are abbreviated. If the abbreviation is not clear to you, just hover over this bet, and a pop-up window will show its name in a more detailed version.

To place a bet, select it in the line and click on the plate with the symbol of the coefficient. The selected bid is immediately displayed in the coupon, which is located on the right side of the page. It will only remain in the “Bet” field in the coupon to enter the amount you want to bet, and then click the “Make Bet” button.

Choosing a bet

To make an express bet or put the system, you just need to select the appropriate tab in the coupon.

The entire history of the bets is saved in the «History of bets» You can get into it by the corresponding link under the displayed balance or simply by clicking on your name. When you click on your name, your Personal Account will open on the «General Information» tab. There is no need to go anywhere, just next to the inscription “History of Operations” in the drop-down list, select the section “Sports Betting”.

History of bets in the Dashboard


In order to withdraw your winnings from the Wind Jammer bookmaker’s website, go to your Personal Account (click on your name in the upper right of the page or click on the green link “Bid History”) and select the “Get Winning” tab. Bookmaker WindJammer offers only three ways to withdraw money:

1) to Visa / MasterCard;

2) to an electronic wallet in the QIWI payment system;

3) at the betting center of the betting office.

Section «Get a win» in the Dashboard

Note! Only residents of four cities of Kazakhstan: Pavlodar, Semey, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Ekibastuz can get their winnings at the betting office of the bookmaker «Wind Jammer». If you live in one of these cities, select it in the drop-down menu of the «City» field, then in the next field select the address of a specific cash desk, specify the number of your document, as well as the amount you want to receive.

Do not forget that the requested winnings at the betting office of the bookmaker’s office will be issued to you only if the details of the document that you submit to the cashier match the data provided by you when sending the withdrawal request.

The entire history of cash transactions is saved in the Personal Account: 1) click on your name, the Personal Account window opens; 2) in the window near the inscription «History of Operations» in the drop-down list, select «Withdrawal». It will display not only the amount, date and method of withdrawal, but also the status of each application.