Bookmaker Profit


  • Wide and deep line with the most varied painting
  • Legal TV broadcasts
  • Kibersport


  • Bad odds
  • Overloaded platform
  • Withdrawal restrictions



The odds on the events of the English Premier League are set at a high level: the margin in betting on the outcome is 2.5-3%, on total and odds — 3-4%. For additional painting margin is much higher: from 8% or more.

Odds for events in top-4 championships (Germany, Italy, Spain, France) + Russia (RPL): margin on outcome rates is 5.5%, total and odds are 7-8%. In the additional painting, the margin is set at 8% and higher.

Odds for events of medium football leagues: the margin on the outcome — 8%, on the total and odds — a margin of 7-8%. In the additional painting, the margin is set at 8% and higher.


Odds for NHL and KHL events: the margin in betting on the outcome of the main time is 8%, the outcome, taking into account overtime and shootouts, the odds and total are 7-7.5%.

Odds for events in the remaining leagues: the outcome for the main time — 11%, the outcome, taking into account overtime and shootouts, the odds and total — 7-7.5%.


Odds for events in the NBA: the margin in bets on the outcome (only with overtime), as well as the odds and total is 5.5%. Odds are set at 1.85-1.85.

The odds on events in European cups: the margin in betting on the outcome in the main time is 11%, on the outcome with overtime, as well as on the odds and total — 8-8.5%.

Odds for events in European national leagues: the margin in betting on the outcome in the main time is 12%, on the outcome with overtime, as well as on the odds and total — 8-8.5%.


The coefficients for tennis events set a single margin of 8-8.5%.


Bookmaker PROFIT Betting offers one of the richest lines in the number of sports. For example, on the time slice line 1хBet (the recognized leader in the Prematch line) included 38 sports, and the line of the bookmaker office «Profit» consisted of 45 sports. Additionally, there are events in the line from e-sports (a wide range of events), politics, media and culture, special bets. At the same time, the filling of a line by sport often leaves much to be desired: the choice of competitions can be severely limited for non-core sports. For typical sports, the fullness of the line is above the average level (third tier and lower, regional competitions). The painting is highly varied in total and handicap. For all sports, there is a rich shift range: buying to a base value in half-point or one-point increments. Quarter and whole handicap and total. Individual totals. For all sports — many values ​​of the exact total. We note a dangerous European handicap for an unprepared player (three outcomes). There are also classic forms for the player from the CIS.


The strongest line is proposed for matches of the TOP-5 European Championships and Russia. At the same time, on the eve and on the day of the match, the list is as saturated as possible and supplemented with bets on match statistics and individual player statistics.

Markets, including rare or unique:

— Chance Mix — com.1 win or total over 2.5

— Handicap or total for the time interval (1-15, 1-30, 1-60, 1-75)

— Win 1 or 2 balls, 2 or 3 balls, draw or win 1 ball

— Exodus and total options

— The first goal will score, the last goal will score

— The team will win the time and will not win the match, other similar scenarios.

— Exact halftime / Exact match score


A rich line on the KHL and the NHL, but absolutely no bets on statistics. Wide and variable painting for each period. Market bets: Both will score; The team will score; Goal in each period; Goal in the period; Will score in all periods; Period / Match; The team will win the period; Will win all periods; Will not lose all periods; Willful victory; Exodus and total. For the rest of the leagues, the choice of bets can be reduced, while remaining quite strong.


The standard of the mural for the NBA is a handicap and total (with a large range of purchases), the total of the most productive quarter, even / even odds for the quarters, individual player points, as well as the original markets: the team will make the first or last foul / selection / point, 2- spectacled, 3-spectacled, penalty, time out. The painting for European basketball is very different, there are more classic sample rates: painting for a match and in quarters (total, handicap, team total). At the same time, the range of purchase is much shorter: from 3 to 5 steps of purchase. In the painting give the total effective quarter, odd / even in quarters. Race on points: who will score the first in the selected interval of the game segment, the team will make the first foul / selection / point. There are no bets on individual player points.


Painting on tennis is highly dependent on the level of the match. In small tournaments, bets are only possible on the outcome, or on the outcome and total odds. For large tournaments of the ATP and WTA series, an extended line is offered with a list of each set: handicap and total with the purchase, the exact score. They can bet on aces, tiebreaks, double faults.


The platform from Betconstruct in the case of the bookmaker office «Profit» (PROFIT Betting) is significantly overloaded, which greatly slows down the operating system. Slow acceptance of the rate in the coupon — up to 10-15 seconds. Can practice additional individual admission delay. The Live platform is distinguished by high information content: each event is accompanied by an infographic or a TV broadcast. TV broadcasts are legal.

The line for live bets can be described as ambiguous. The line looks wide, with an emphasis on football, tennis, hockey. But there is a certain loss in the number of events in comparison with the leaders.

The painting is variable, with a large number of game scenarios even for ordinary matches. In this case, you can face the problem: there is no possibility to bet on the winner of the match (outcome) in basketball, often in tennis and other sports. Choose to come from the proposal odds or total.

High margin. Often significantly lower quotes than the majority of bookmakers.


BONUS «Express Bonus»

The bookmaker office Profit charges its customers a bonus for winning express bets, made both on the site and at the company’s bidding center. Players who place express bets on the site should, upon winning, send an application for bonus accrual on any of the available communication channels and report their ID. Bonus will be credited within 24 hours after treatment.

The percentage of bonus depends on the number of events won in the express. So, if you won an express from 3 events, a 3% bonus will be added to the net winnings. If an express of 6 events was winning, the bonus will be 6% of the net winnings. If one or more events in the express was calculated by return, the bonus will be credited only to the number of winning events.


The bookmaker’s office Profit returns the amount of the bet of the losing expresses, if they meet the following requirements:

— Express contains 6 or more events;

— each event in the express has a coefficient not lower than 1.6; the loser was only one event in

— Express, and everyone else won.


The bookmaker office PROFIT Betting is a young regional (local) betting company from Kazakhstan, founded in 2010. Acceptance of rates is carried out under license number TIK 0000074 of 03/03/2011, issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In a land operation, the network of PROFIT Betting acceptance points (over 150 cash desks) is represented in large cities and towns.

The bookmaker office Profitbet works on the IQ Soft platform.

Legal data:

Limited Liability Partnership “PROFIT Betting”, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Dostyk Avenue, 105, office 824. BIN: 101140012045.

Olga Hvan, one of the company’s founders, is the owner of Letspizza LLP. Kazakhstan. » The company is engaged in the promotion of Let’s Pizza products to the Kazakhstan market.


The red “Registration” button on the website of the bookmaker “Profit” is clearly visible — it is located at the top of the page to the right. When you click on this button, a registration form opens in which you need to enter a phone number, select a game account currency, come up with a password and tick the checkbox “I agree to the Terms and Conditions. I am over 21 years old. ”

Note! Before registering, we recommend that you really familiarize yourself with the Company Rules in order to avoid conflicts with the bookmaker’s office later.

After entering the necessary data, the «Registration» button will become active — and it should be clicked.

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Registration form

After clicking on the “Register” button, the bookmaker congratulates you on the successful completion of this simple procedure and immediately reminds you that you need to provide other information about yourself as soon as possible.

Immediately after registration, you are already authorized on the site, and an ID is assigned to you, which is displayed on the tab with the “My Profile” section.

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Notice of the importance of completing the Profile

Clicking on the proposed link “My profile” immediately translates to the appropriate section, to the tab “Personal data”. In addition to the phone number you have already entered, you need to specify the name and surname, date of birth, e-mail address, country and city of residence, as well as the address of residence. All this needs to be “backed up” by entering a password created during registration.

  • 589d59907cd5f_1486707088.png

Filling in personal data

After clicking the «Save» button (it becomes active after entering all the data), the bookmaker website congratulates with the successful update of the data. Click «OK» — again we get to the page with personal data. To proceed with further actions, it is necessary to close the window with personal data inside (!) Of your browser window.

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Close the window with personal data


To replenish the account in the bookmaker «Profit» you need to click on the item where only zeros are displayed in the upper line of the horizontal menu, and select «Deposit» in the drop-down menu.

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The balance section in the Section menu opens with information on how to replenish an account with a VISA / MasterCard card. You can choose this method of account replenishment, and you can choose another — all available methods are listed right there in the left menu.

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Ways to recharge

When you click on each method of replenishment, you will see information about this method. For example, the second of the proposed methods, indicated by the icon with the image of the wallet, offers to replenish the gaming account through the cash desk of Profit Bank in your city. Here are the addresses of points of interest rates bookmaker «Profit» in different cities of Kazakhstan. If you consider this method to be the most convenient, the application for depositing the account is not sent at all — you just need to find the nearest PPS, reach it and replenish the account using the cashier.

Popular electronic payment systems for the deposit is not offered.


We select the section for the selection of bets in the horizontal menu bar, which is located under the sections of your personal profile. «Sport» — to select bets before the start of the match (prematch), LIVE — to select bets during the match.

On the left of the page of the desired section are icons that denote different sports. Select the icon of the desired sport (for example, a soccer ball) and immediately under it choose the desired tournament. Sports events in this tournament will open in the next section to the right.

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Line tournament selection

In the part of the screen that goes even to the right, the course of the match, which is going right now, is displayed. If you do not want to make a live-bet, you can simply ignore this part.

So, we chose a tournament and saw the events in this tournament available for betting. The main outcomes for each event are shown here. To view the full list for the match, you must click on the name of the match — the list will be displayed in the next section instead of live-bets.

Here we proceed to the selection of a bet. When you hover over a certain rate, a pop-up window shows the maximum amount that can be put on this outcome.

To make a bet, click on the desired ratio. The selected bet will immediately appear in the coupon on the right — all that remains is to enter the amount you wish to wager. Your winnings will automatically be displayed immediately in case of a bid entry, taking into account the specified amount and coefficient.

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Choosing a pre-match bet

All bets made are saved in the “My Bets” section, which can be found in the top stock of the horizontal menu.

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Section «My bets»


To withdraw funds, click on the “Balance” section in the top line of the horizontal menu and select “Output” in the drop-down list.

A page will open that shows possible ways to withdraw funds from the bookmaker «Profit» in Kazakhstan.

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Withdrawal methods

By the way, in contrast to the account replenishment procedure, a QIWI wallet is offered for withdrawing funds.

In order to send a request for withdrawal of funds, it is necessary to fill in the required fields after selecting a withdrawal method: the amount of funds for withdrawal, as well as the data of the payment card / purse number.

Next, we carry out a standard payment system.