Bookmaker Gol+Paz


  • Extended line in Kazakhstan
  • Tote
  • Betting exchange (slightly liquid)


  • Limited sports choice
  • Sanctions against unwanted players
  • No TV broadcasts, infographics


According to the general level of ratios, the bookmaker office “Goal + Paz” is on the average level, or offers quotes below the market. At the same time, there is a noticeable strong margin spread within the events of one category — up to 3%. At the same time, BC “Goal + Paz” gives competitive factors for a number of sports, in particular, for hockey.


Margin levels for betting on the outcome of the match: 5 leading European championships (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) — 3-4%; middle leagues — 5.5-6.5%; other championships — up to 10%. The margin level for betting on the main total and odds, regardless of the league, is in average values ​​of 5-6.5%.


Margin levels for rates on NHL — 4% (outcome, main total, odds); for bets on KHL — 5% on the outcome; 6% — main total and odds; for the remaining championships margin from 5 to 7%.


Margin Levels for NBA rates — outcome 4.5-5.5%; main total and odds — 5.5-6%, odds for equal chances — 1.9-1.9; other championships — 7.5-8% for the outcome, 6-7% for the main total and odds; odds for equal chances — 1.85-1.85.


Low ratios with a large margin spread even in the same category of tournaments. The range of tennis margins on the outcome — from 5 to 8.5%. On the odds and total — 6-7%.


In the line of BC “Goal + Pass”, only the main sports are represented — up to 12 types, which significantly limits the player’s choice. We note the absence of e-sports betting in the line.

At the same time, the depth of the line for the sport is quite saturated — it includes competitions with full geography in countries with depth to third-tier competitions. As a regional bookmaker, attention in the line is paid to competitions in Kazakhstan, to regional competitions and veteran matches. When using the time filter, bets are available 1-2 rounds ahead for the leading European football leagues. No long-term rates.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the line section — Tour Statistics. Such bets have their own audience of players, but rare bookmaker offers them. In the case of BC “Goal + Pass”, the proposal of tour statistics does not look good enough.

The painting is below average. The greatest offer for matches of the TOP-5 European football. For this category there are bets on yellow cards and corner cards. On the less popular championships painting may be virtually absent.

For the better is to highlight the painting on hockey. Only in this kind of sport does a bookmaker bet on players.

Separately dwell on the section of the painting — Additional factors. To make a bet in this section, the player will have to apply the basics of mathematics and logical thinking. Let us explain: the main line gives odds (-0.5). In this case, the odds bet — 1.0 looks like Handicap (-0.5) -0,5. Often, even by 1 point to shift the desired odds or total fail because of the lack of such a proposal.

BC “Goal + Pass” has a section called Betting Exchange. Probably only nominally. There is no sense in talking about any liquidity and fullness.

An important section for BC «Goal + Paz» we call Superekspress. There are several types of sweepstakes under it — football, hockey, basketball, as well as a Free tote (out of 12 events), in which you can take part by making bets for a certain amount (around 1000 rubles) per day.

Сервис Live — хороший

he Live Betting platform looks anachronistic — there are no TV broadcasts, infographics, which today is a standard requirement for a live bookmaker segment.

In this case, the line itself, the painting — do not cause visible complaints. Good coverage of events, painting with the most popular bets in Live, and, most importantly, the coefficients. In the case of BC “Goal + Pass”, the coefficients are the highest, with a margin of 5%.



Daily bookmaker «Goal + Paz» determines the most active players on your site. Cash bonuses for these players are awarded in two nominations.

Return 2.5% of the amount of loss

2.5% of the loss amount will be refunded to the player who lost the largest amount per day. The calculation does not include “long” bets, the duration of which is more than 20 days, including bets on political events, toto and horse racing.

Return 0.5% from turnover

The player who placed the highest amount on the bet during the day will be returned 0.5% of the turnover. Bets on toto and horse racing do not participate in this promotion.


An additional 10% of the ratio of the Express players who played the game charges the bookmaker «Goal + Pass» to its players. The bonus will be credited to the winning express trains that meet the conditions:

— the number of events in the express — not less than 5 and not more than 10;

— All express bets are made on football or hockey events;

— All bets on the express are made to win one of the teams (P1 or P2);

— the ratio of each event in the express — not lower than 1.5.

The bonus is added to the total coefficient. For example, instead of the general coefficient 10.0, the preferential rate will be equal to 11 (10 + 0.1 * 10).


If only one event has lost in an express bet that meets the conditions, and all the others have won, the amount of this bet is not considered lost, but is returned to the player.

Conditions for preferential express:

— at least 6 events in the express

— the ratio of each event in the express — not lower than 1.6

The bet amount is returned to the player only if one express event has lost and the rest have won. If, in addition to one loss in the express, there is still an event calculated by return, such express does not fall under the terms of the “Preferential Express” promotion.


The bonus is awarded to players who make express bets with a large total odds. The minimum amount of such a bet to receive a bonus is $ 10. The magnitude of the bonus coefficient depends on the final ratio of the set express:

— If the express rate is higher than 6.0, the bonus coefficient increases by 3%.

— If the express rate is above 7.0, the bonus coefficient increases by 4%.

— If the express rate is above 8.0, the bonus rate increases by 5%.


The bookmaker office “Goal + Paz” is one of the oldest and largest bookmaker companies in Kazakhstan, founded in 2003. The main successes of the company are connected with the ground operation, which, as stated by the operator, is carried out under a license issued by the Tourism Industry Committee of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan TEC No. 0000001 dated April 3, 2007. We note that the license is valid for 10 years, without reissuing the license It expires in April 2017.

The company owns an extensive network of faculty — the company’s cash offices are located in different cities of Kazakhstan. The company operates in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Moldova, and for some time organized reception of rates through partners in Russia, mainly in the Krasnodar Territory, in Siberia and the Far East (the work was declared illegal by the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia).

Working fairly reliably in a land-based operation, BC Gol + Paz earned a dubious reputation for accepting bets on the Internet — players noted multiple problems, both with the duration of payments, and with blocking and confiscation of funds. Also, online Gol + Paz has a reputation as a bookmaker with low betting limits.

Legal data: LLP «Bookmaker office» GOL + PAS «, BIN 040340015580, Astana, Almaty district, Sargul st. 1, apt 2.


На сайте «Гол + Пас» два вида регистрации и для каждого из них отводит отдельную кнопку.

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Two buttons for registration on the site

SMS registration

No time costs required. Here, simply indicate your phone number, choose the currency of the game account, enter the captcha and put a couple of checkboxes: 1) confirmation that you have read the external link and agree with them; 2) confirmation that you already have 21 years.

You do not need to enter any other data at this stage — in a few seconds it will be possible to replenish the game account and make bets.

Later, you still have to provide all the necessary information about yourself; without this, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings!


SMS registration

After you have entered the required data, ticked the appropriate check-boxes and clicked «Register», an SMS from the office with a login and password for authorization on the site will be sent to the specified phone number.

Check in

Under the button «Registration» hides a more complete form. In addition to what needs to be done when SMS registration, here you also need to come up with a login, password, specify the name and surname, e-mail address, as well as the country and city of permanent residence. There is also a field for the introduction of TIN (taxpayer registration number) with a note that this field is optional.

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Registration form Please note! We recommend not only to put a tick in the check-box «I have read the external link and agree with them», but to get acquainted with the list of these rules in order to avoid further problems with the bookmaker.

After filling in all the fields, click the “Register” button, then an email with a link to activate your account is sent to the specified email. We move from the letter at the link, enter your username and password — the registration procedure on the website of the bookmaker office “Goal + Paz” is completed!


After authorization on the site, your name (or phone number, if you registered by SMS) is displayed in the topmost line, next to the “Top up account”, “Get winnings”, “Operations log” buttons.

In order to replenish the account on the site, press the appropriate button. A page opens, showing all possible ways to fund your account:

  • — Terminals of the CyberPlat payment system
  • — In the points of payment acceptance BC «Goal + Pass»
  • — Bank transfer to bank accounts
  • — Scrill
  • — Пtransfer between Kazkommertsbank cards
  • — Transfer from cards VISA, MasterCard
  • — Payment system terminals QIWI
  • — QIWI-purse
  • — Refill Paybox
  • — Terminals Astana-Plat
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Ways to recharge

Note! In order to make a deposit, you need to know the registration number of your game account. It is listed here, on the page with the methods of replenishment (under the heading “Account replenishment”) — we recommend recording it, especially if you plan to make a deposit through the payment terminal or the “Gol + Pas” cash desk.

Clicking on any of the proposed methods, you will see information on how to fund your account in this way. We choose the most convenient payment method and go through the standard payment procedure.


In order to place a bet, we select the section «Betting» in the horizontal menu. If you want to make a bet during the match, click on the «Live Betting!» Subsection.

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Line in the site menu

When you hit the section in the central part of the screen, events are displayed, before the start of which there is less than the entire time (in the subsection “Live! Betting”, events that are running right now are displayed). If you want to put on any of these events, just click on the name — the whole painting on this event will open.

To select an event that is not shown in the center of the screen immediately, you need to use the menu on the left. First, choose a sport, then in the opened lines — the desired tournament, and by clicking on the tournament, we will see in the same menu and a list of events in this tournament.

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Select event in the menu

To see the full painting on the event, click on its name. Choose a bet and click on its coefficient. The selected bid is immediately displayed in the coupon, which is located on the right side of the pages. It remains only to specify the amount that you want to bet, and click «Checkout».

At the same time, the coupon can be set up so that the same amount is put on all the selected events, or you can prefer the option “Separate amount for each bet”.

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Choosing a bet

All made bets are displayed in the “Bid History” subsection.


In order to withdraw money from the bookmaker «Goal + Pass», in the top menu bar, press the «Get Win» button. A section page opens with a list of all withdrawals from the site.

  • 58a7c9e814352_1487391208.pngList of withdrawalsWhen you click on each output method, you will see detailed information about the timing, features and nuances of the selected tool. So, if you want to get a prize at one of the cashiers of the bookmaker, when you click on this method you will see detailed instructions on how the process of such payments goes. The same applies to bank transfer and transfer to the Kazkommertsbank card and withdrawals to an account in the electronic payment system (Skrill, QIWI-wallet).


Instructions for making money in PPP

To see the history of all transactions, as well as the status of sent withdrawal requests, click the green “Transaction log” button in the top menu bar.