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For 5 leading European championships (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) + RFPL, the margin level is: 5.5–6% for outcomes, 7–7.5% for handicap and total. The remaining championships: on the outcomes of 9.5-10%, on the odds and total — 8-8.5%.


NHL: the outcome of the main time — 8%, the outcome, taking into account overtime and shootouts — 7-7.5%, handicap and total — 7-7.5%. The remaining leagues: the outcome of the main time — 10.5-11%, the outcome, taking into account overtime and shootouts, the main handicap and total — 8-8.5%.


NBA: outcome in regular time — 7.5-8%, outcome with overtime, handicap and total — 5-5.5%. Equal odds 1.9-1.9. On the rest of the basketball leagues: the outcome in most of the time — 10-10.5%, the outcome with overtime, handicap and total — 8-8.5%. Equal odds 1.85-1.85.


Depending on the category of the match tennis margin from 7 to 8.5%.


The interface of the line and the painting is not ordinary, it requires getting used to the structure — to find the sport of interest, championship (choice in alphabetical order) or bet (choice by slider on the scale) is not always obvious how. At first glance, the offer looks significantly limited — only a few main sports are visible on the page — football, hockey, tennis, basketball, volleyball. To access the full line, you need to open the «More» menu, where about a dozen more sports can give to the line. Moreover, the filling of the line is very unstable — it is necessary to catch the moment when these additional sports will be given in the line. And they may be available only for a short time. Note the presence in the line of bets on eSports.


The depth and geography of the championships is a good level if you are lucky to get to the full line. The list for the top championships — with a very good range of total and handicap (including whole and fourth), a number of unique types of bets: Exact score with an additional chance (example 1: 0, 2: 0 or 3: 0); Effective draw. Interesting are the bets on the game time intervals — the outcome (1X2) or total or handicap in the range of minutes (example from 1-75 minutes), angles (example from 61-75 minutes). The bets on the individual total are expanded by offering the exact number of team goals, the total match is of both a classic look and a corridor. In the match, you can bet on the combined outcomes (example X2 and total more than 2.5). Bets on authors heads. For top matches, the line can be extended by betting on offsides, shots on target, fouls. Please note that in the line may be European handicaps. The list for middle leagues and below is much narrower and does not look variable.


For ATP and WTA series tournaments: variable total and odds, Exact score 2-1 for sets; The exact score of the games in the set; Win the match by losing the first set; Painting on handicap and total on the first set; Tiebreak — yes or no. For the ITF, the painting is small — it is either the basic total, the odds and the outcome, or only the outcome of the fight.


The painting is typical for the NBA and Europe (the other leagues). NBA: the possibility of shifting the odds and total (buy or sell in 0.5 point steps); team total; outcomes in quarters or half of the game; total of the most productive / unproductive quarter. For those who like to guess — who will make the first / last effective 2-point throw, 3-point throw, takes a free throw, make a pick, foul, take a time-out. Player statistics — points, rebounds, passes. Europe: only a few (up to 3) options for total and odds; team total; Outcomes in quarters or half of the game (total, handicap, team total); total of the most productive / unproductive quarter; Race on points — which team will score the first (10-15-20-25-30 points) in the quarter. Player statistics are given for European Cup matches (Euroleague) — points.


With good variability and completeness of standard markets: painting for each period; Both will score; The team will score; Goal in each period; Goal in the period; Will score in all periods; Period / Match; The team will win the period; Will win all periods; Will not lose all periods; Willful victory. Exodus and Total (3.5–4.5– 5.5). There are no bets on match and player statistics.


The line for Live betting can be described as ambiguous. The line looks wide, with an emphasis on football, tennis, hockey. But there is a certain loss in the number of events in comparison with the leaders. The painting is variable, with a large number of game scenarios even for ordinary matches. In this case, you can face a problem — there is no opportunity to bet on the winner of the match (outcome) in basketball, often in tennis and other sports. And you have to choose from the offer of odds or total. High margin. Each event is accompanied by high-quality infographics.


Bookmaker Eurosport Elite Betting is a regional bookmaker in Kazakhstan, established in 2011.

The operation is carried out under license 0000088 dated January 10, 2012, issued by the Tourism Industry Committee of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Legal data: Eurosport Elite Betting LLP, 060000, Atyrau, ul. Satpayev, 2G, BIN 111140002748.

Ground handling is carried out mainly through the network of sports bars and faculty owned by the company — currently, their total number is more than 40 cash desks in the region of Atyrau. Registration and game on the site is available not only to residents of Kazakhstan, but also to players from other countries. At the same time, only in one game account currency — KZT.

Winnings at the rates on the site are under the jurisdiction of Kazakhstan and are subject to judicial protection.

Note! The bookmaker office of Eurosport is suitable only for residents of Atyrau and the region, since it is possible to withdraw the winnings from it in only one way: to receive cash at any of the addresses in Atyrau and the region indicated on the bookmaker’s website.


Go to the site esbet and select the button «Registration» (marked with a green star) at the top of the page on the right. In the registration form, you must specify your first name and surname (middle name optional), date of birth, gender, country and city of residence. Here we choose the currency of the game account (KZT, USD, EUR), invent and specify the user name and password, also enter the number of your phone in the appropriate field. Email address is optional.

Registration form Please note! The line in which you need to confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the bookmaker’s office is made somewhat crooked, and the check box for the corresponding checkbox may not be visible. Nevertheless, it is necessary to put a tick, without it the bookmaker will not register you on the site.
In order to avoid further problems with the payment of winnings, Intelbet recommends that you fill in all the fields in the registration form with your real data and without errors!
After filling in all the fields and clicking on the “Register” button, a window appears below them, informing you that the procedure was completed successfully. Are you registered!


After registering on the site account refill page opens automatically. This is convenient because making a deposit to your new gaming account is a prerequisite for starting a game.

If the page with the replenishment methods did not initially open automatically or accidentally closed, you can open it again by clicking on the image with two stacks of coins, where in the future the amount will be displayed on your gaming account.

The bookmaker office Eurosport offers only two ways to deposit money — this is depositing money into one of the betting offices betting offices (the address list in different cities of Kazakhstan is listed here) or deposit money from your QIWI wallet.

If you want to deposit money in cash at the cashier’s office, simply choose the address that is convenient for you and go to the betting center.

If you want to replenish an account from a QIWI wallet, you need to click on the icon of this payment system, in the window that opens, enter your Wallet ID (phone number) and the amount you want to replenish your gaming account. Next, the “Confirm” button will redirect you to the QIWI payment system site, where you can go through the standard payment procedure.

Ways to recharge


After replenishing the game account, you can start the game on betting! If you want to bet on an event that is already underway, in the horizontal menu, select the «LIVE» section. If you want to make a bet before the start of the match, click on the section «Sport» next. You can also switch between these two sections using the convenient button on the left side of the page.

Sections «LIVE» and «Sport» in the menu Let’s take a closer look at how to make a bet before the start of the match. When live betting — all the same, only in a different section.

The interface of the Eurosport bookmaker website is not very common — the main sports are located in the horizontal menu, and not in the vertical left, as is often the case. When you click on the desired sport, tournaments are displayed directly below it. Select the desired tournament, and in the center of the screen displays the entire list of events in this tournament.Choosing a tournament in a line In order to see the entire list of bets for a particular match, you must click either on the date of this match, or on the check mark that opens additional betting options (to the right of the match name).Choosing a bet, click on its coefficient. Next to this coefficient, an icon with the image of a cup appears in the line, in addition, the selected bet falls into the coupon on the right side of the page.


Choosing a bet To make the desired bet easier to find, you can also use special filters by type of bet and open only the list of goals for goals / cards / fouls, etc.

When a bet is selected and entered into a coupon, it remains only to indicate its amount in the corresponding coupon field and click the “Make a bet!” Button

The history of all bets made is saved in the Personal Account — you just need to click on the icon with the image of the cup on the right side of the page, almost under your username.


For the withdrawal of winnings, the bookmaker «Eurosport» does not offer a variety of methods and payment systems. Go to your Personal Account, in the balance section (click on the amount of your balance in the account in the upper right corner), a window opens with tabs “History”, “Deposit”, “Withdrawal”. At this stage, we are interested in the «Output» tab.

A new page with a large list of addresses is opened, on which only one method of withdrawing winnings is presented: you can get your winnings at the Eurosport bookmaker office only in cash by visiting any of the addresses indicated on this page. All addresses — only in Atyrau and Atyrau region.

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