Betfair BONUS for new users!

The WorldPlayer portal in cooperation with Betfair offers a new exclusive bet bonus for all players from BIH, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania!

After great interest and response from Croatia, as well as after our promise to agree on a promotion for players from other countries, we agreed on a Betfair bonus for new users up to 200% for new players from BiH, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. you asked for it! (Croatian players can choose between this bonus and a bonus of 100% up to 100 €)

So open your account and pay 20 €, and you will have 60 € in your account, or you will receive a bonus of 40 € absolutely free!



Betfair BONUS for new users is valid only for players from BIH, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania, and each new user gives a great bonus on their first deposit. So if you open your account and pay 20 €, you will receive a bonus of 40 €, or you will have 60 € in your account! (Croatian players can choose between this bonus and a bonus of 100% up to 100 €)

The same goes for small amounts, so if you pay 10 € (this is the minimum deposit), you will have 20 € in your account!


Betfair BONUSA can be easily reached in three stages:

Open a betfair account for betting using this special promotional link that you will receive on ZSKABS
Make a deposit when you receive a BONUS (the minimum payment is 10 € with the BONUS 20 €, the maximum payment is 20 € with the BONUS 40 €)
Three times increase the payout amount to a factor of 1.50 or higher to make the BONUS standing.


Please note that you will not receive a bonus if you register on the Betfair betting homepage, as this is an EXCLUSIVE BONUS, where you need to use an exclusive link for players from BIH, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania! Croatia), which has this line of betting, as well as for players from the UK (Great Britain).

Additionally, we note that the rules of bonuses are more than fair. Before requesting payment, you must enable 10 PUTA with a factor of 1.50 or higher, which is very realistic after 90 days. Check out the full bonus rules at the bottom of this page.

Betfair Betting is one of the top three online betting players, and besides sports betting, they also have betting odds and various other options that are of particular interest to real-time bets. They also recently bought bets on Paddy Power and thus became a much stronger group, as well as the fact that a dozen of millions of users are communicating enough. Find out more about betfair betting here.


This Bonus Betfair is valid only in the following countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Cyprus, Iceland, Belgium, Estonia, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Vatican
After you make your first deposit and deposit at least £ 20 into your gaming account, a bonus of 40 euros will automatically appear.
This offer applies only to payments through personal computers, tablets and mobile devices.
Within 90 days, you must convert DESET PUTA according to your payment criteria. If you do not meet the criteria within 90 days, BONUS will be deducted and your balance will remain with BONUS. If you pay 20 € and get a bonus of 40 €, the balance is 60 €. 60 € x 10,600 €. Thus, for a total of 90 days, you need to pay 600 € in all combinations in order for the bonus rules to be observed and the bonus to become money.
The promotion is valid until October 22, 2018 and ends at 23:59 British time.
If you open an account and download BONUS, you can opt out of it, and your account will save you the money you have paid. If you lose the bet, you can renew the BONUS again, and then your account will be your principal deposit deducted for loss.
You can only have one active BONUS at a time.
In order to fulfill the conditions of the BONUS, it is necessary to pay the coefficients with a factor of more than 1.50, otherwise the invoices will not be taken into account to fulfill the conditions or achieve the BONUS.
If Betfair suspects a violation of the rules or suspects the existence of several accounts to obtain benefits through BONUS, you reserve the right to confiscate BONUS, especially if you do not provide the documentation required from you.
All offers offered by Betfair are designed for holiday bets, and one individual can have only one account.