[Bet365] Bonus up to 50 € for new players

Bet365 Betting has launched an exclusive promotion for new players, which takes a limited time! Do not miss the opportunity to open a game account today and receive a bonus of up to 50 € on your first deposit to your game account Bet365.

Bet365 BIH

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Open a betting account right now by clicking the button below this text, and after opening an account, follow our instructions below to get a bonus of up to 50 euros for players who we think is the best online bookmaker in the world.


To claim this bonus, you must make a payment of at least 5 euros or more, and you will be eligible for a 100% bonus on your payment, up to a maximum of 50 euros. Thus, if you pay 50 €, you will receive a 50 € bonus, and the balance on your account will be 100 €.


After you open a gaming account, select the first deposit.‘Members’.

A source: bet365.com

Choose ‘Offers’ – ‘Offers Available’ and choose ‘Claim Now’.

A source: bet365.com

To bet using your bonus, simply skip the number of your first (first) qualifications for the sport and markets of your choice. Thus, if you paid 50 €, after the amount of your payments is 50 € or more, bonus funds (50 €) will be available for betting..

To wager the bonus, you need to transfer the amount and the bonus paid three times before the payment request.


Bet365 BIH bonus

  1. Make a qualifying payment of at least 5 euros or more to qualify for betting odds from 100% to 50 euros. Your respective payment must be made seven days before the bonus is raised. If you spent seven days and did not send the request «Claim Now», then your payment will no longer qualify for this bonus.
  2. The maximum bonus you can get is 50 €. If you paid 50 € or more, you will receive a maximum bonus of 50 €.
    To place a bet using your bonus, ask it after paying “Participants” — “Offers”, and then turn on the amount of the acceptable payment once to the sports you choose and the markets.
  3. You must make bets three times your respective payouts and bonuses before you collect money.
    If requests for withdrawing this bonus are not fulfilled within 90 days of receiving the bonus, any funds on your bonus balance will be deducted.
    This promotion is valid until 23:59, 11/29/2018 for players from BiH.
  4. Residents of the following countries are not eligible for this offer: Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Malaysia, Malta , Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Egypt, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam.
  5. If the process of collecting or transferring money is completed before you request a bonus, all previous payments will not be counted in the initial qualification criteria, and if the process of collecting or transferring money is completed after you request your bonus, but before returning it, all money from the bonus balance will be withdrawn and the promotion will no longer be available to you.
  6. You can only have one active bonus per account. To get another bonus, the current active bonus must be completed or closed.
  7. Each individual bet must have odds of 1.50 or more, and lower odds will not be counted back. In several bets, that is, with several pairs per bet, at least one of these pairs must have a factor of 1.50 or more in order to be reversed.
  8. In a combined game that has only two or three potential odds (for example, a bet on an account), when you bet on more than one potential odds, be it a match or a broadcast, only the highest aggregate bet will be counted as a backward move (if you have several outcomes in the same pair with the same bet on multiple bets, then only one outcome is considered reversed.
  9. All bets made on other lithiums are not considered canceled. This applies in conjunction with other restrictions.
    For example, if you have invested 10 euros in the victory of Manchester United over Chelsea, then 15 euros in the event of Chelsea’s victory over Manchester United with a factor of 1.50 and higher will be considered only in the case of a reverse bet in Chelsea . If both bets were 10 €, only one would be counted back.
  10. The bets and goals of the Asian handicap before the game or live will not be counted back.
  11. Bets that were paid prematurely or made in Instant Games will not be counted back.
  12. If the rate is edited with the option “Change rate”, the original rate will not be counted back and will be considered as a new rate.
  13. If any of the conditions of this offer or promotion is violated or there is any evidence of a set of bets made by a client or group of clients, which is the result of a payout bonus, improved rates, free bets, risk-free bets or any other promotional offers with guaranteed profits. The customer, individually or collectively, bet365 has the right to terminate a bonus, an improved payment, a free bet or any deposit with a received bonus..

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